How to make QR Code Via Online

About QR Code

QR code is a new and emerging term in Barcode technology. They are 2D barcodes that can load large amounts of information into relatively small spaces. In addition, their designs make them resilient to prevent their support from being scratched. Since QR codes are increasingly used worldwide, it is useful to know how to scan/decode them. But traditional barcodes have a limitation, they can only have 8-10 digits of the ability, we can not use it to display an alphanumeric project.

How to make QR Code

QR code Generator

QR code Generator

There are many ways to generate a free QR code. You can find a lot website that offers you to create a QR Code for free.

Go to QR Code Generator,

It has many ways to generate QR Code, I use only URL type QR Code. You enter your URL in “Website” search box. then create your QR image.

isoftinfo QR Code

Isoftinfo QR Code

Click on the “Download” button to download your QR Code image.

Isoftinfo QR Code Embed

Isoftinfo QR Code Embed

If you want, you can get embed code from this site, then past your web in widget place.

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