Instant Heart Rate Pro full version

Instant Heart Rate Pro

Instant Heart Rate Pro Full Download is the most accurate heart rate monitor application for any smartphone and it does not require any external hardware. Use it to optimize your exercise and track your progress. Now you have the opportunity to use your phone every time you track your fitness and health. Accuracy continues through fitness instructors, athletes and 25 million users like you.

Place the tip of the index finger on the phone’s camera and after a few seconds, your heart rate will be displayed.
The live chart will show you every heartbeat. Your resting heart rate lets you see your heart healthy. The lower the heart rate you get. This is the same technique used by the medical pulse oximeter.

– Heart rate measurement
– Real-time PPG chart – look at your every heartbeat
– Cardiac exercise monitoring.

Download  Here


Download and copy “Instant Heart Rate Pro” to your phone or SD card. Open the phone or SD card and install the program. Enjoy Instant Heart Rate Pro 2.6.1 Final Full Download.

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