how to remove shortcut virus from pen with Shortcut Virus Remover

About Shortcut Virus Remover 3.1

Are you looking to remove shortcut virus from your pen drive? I got lots of issues regarding this removing shortcut virus. Exactly how it impacts on every single important computer file that we appreciate the most.

In case your laptop or computer, flash drive, as well as other mobile or portable devices, are affected, all of its data files might be hidden as well as not available until sometime that it gets to be corrupted as well as useless. Very bad, isn’t it?

The shortcut virus remover application uses Windows commands to delete the virus which creates shortcuts. When it’s launched the LNK files are removed from the computer and the virus deleted as well. You can run the shortcut virus remover for all the drives connected to the PC that is infected with the virus. Command prompt shortcut rever.

How to remove shortcut virus from USB and flash drive

Open Shortcut Virus Remover by Double-click on it. Download Here.

Shortcut Remover

Shortcut Remover

Then, It will give you two options “Pendrive” and “Computer“. You should choose Pen Drive.

Detected Virus

Detected Virus

First, select your pen drive path letter. My path is “I

After selecting your pen drive, You press “Scan” button to scan your pen drive.

Then Press “Delete” Option. Your files had recovered from your pen drive. Now, Check your pen drive.


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